Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting to Know Your Teammates: Dobleele

Lingke runs her shop Dobleele. She has such cute jewelry, pet scarves, snack bags, and stationary items.

Her shop name came from the "W" sound in spanish,  "doble uve", which means double v. It inspired her to named her store "doble ele", pronounced as [do'-blay] [ay'-lay], it means double L.... which is her initial (LL).

*Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I live with my family and 2 pets, Pixie the Springer Spaniel & Brownie the Hedgehog in a tiny little city - Hong Kong.
I'm in 238 circles and enjoy searching & sharing new finds with friends in my circle!
I love making treasury list, I made over 500 treasury list and still counting!
I also love to create & capture things I like via handcraft & photography.

*Where do you find inspiration?
I get inspirations from traveling and browsing around. I always look for new materials for my creations, I’d go to the crafter supplies to see different materials, and see if I could create something new out of it.

*How would you describe your style?
I'd like to develop different styles in my store to attract different kinds of customers.

*What is your favorite item you sell?
I love custom orders! Especially for the whole family or bridal gifts. As it allows some tailor-made elements in it. There was a family ordered 9 lunch/snack bags from me and they let me decided what graphics on it and they all very happy about the surprises!

*What is a typical day like for you? (do you stay on a schedule?)
As I have a day job, usually I spend time for my store after work and during weekends. I like to use daylight for photo shoot, so I make use of the day time during weekends and editing and listing new items in the weekdays.

*Do you have a blog, twitter, face book, or any other social media you’d like us to know about?
You're very welcome to "like" my page :)

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