Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting to Know Your Teammates: Frenchfelt

Our team interview this week is from Elena of frenchfelt. She sells beautiful felt and fiber art.

*Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm russian from Moscow living in France, 35 years old, married and have a beautiful 3 years old daughter. In my day job I'm guide of the Bay of the Mont Saint Michel. And now I'm too much occupied with my two shops on etsy :)))

*How did you get started with your craft?
I have university degree background as designer, so I can say I started long long time ago, but for my personal business I started a couple of years ago.

*Where do you find inspiration?
 Everywhere! While travelling, surfing in the net, in the nature, etc...

*How would you describe your style?
 Less is more.

*What is a typical day like for you? (do you stay on a schedule?)
too much chaotic so there is no schedule.

*Do you have a blog, twitter, facebook, or any other social media you’d like us to know about?


  1. Beautiful shots! So awesome to hear more about you Elena:)!